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26 Feb
Online File Manager allows you to securely store, manage and share files and every other format of digital media, including, documents, images, audio, video, publishing layouts, presentations and PDF files between you and your end users.

Once installed, you can setup in seconds, secure, individual user accounts enabling your authorized users quick and easy access to your documents. Access can be gained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world via an Internet Browser.

Acting as a Digital repository, the File Manager will allow you to easily organize and categorize all of your company documents by department, customer name, project or workgroup into centrally located folders or sub folders. All uploaded documents can then be quickly located through the familiar folder structures or via the built in search facility.

Imagine how much more productive your company will be when your management teams have access to centralized, up-to-the-minute information or when your sales representatives can share pricing structures, sales proposals or sales information across your regional locations in real time.

Whether you are in the office, or accessing documents from the other side of the world, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date information available.

If you would like to know more about Online File Manager then please contact us and we can setup a no obligation trial just for you!

Simple, User Friendly Interface

The backbone of the File Manager has always been it's beautifully designed interface coupled with it's straightforward ergonomic controls.

However, it's not all about good looks. Underneath the skin, Online File Manager is an incredibly powerful system boasting many new features and improvements. Administration of your files has never been easier!

Securely Share Any Files With Anyone, Anywhere, 24-7

Online File Manager allows you to setup secure, individual user accounts, which once created allows your remote users to access their own private area within the File Manager, enabling them to view and download the documents and files you have made available to them.

Alternatively using the File Managers built in "Hotlink" function you can upload your files and then generate an external hotlink url.

Add (Upload) And Remove (Download) Multiple Files

Online File Manager's built in upload function is split into two modes.

When in the default "Upload" mode you can upload and store up to 10 files in one go and add an individual description against each file.

An improvement over earlier versions of Online File Manager is the inclusion of an upload progress bar when used on a Linux server which displays the uploading file size, file transfer progress % and transfer speed. When used on a windows server the upload window does not display the upload progress.

When in the "Flash Upload" mode you can now select multiple files, or the contents of whole folders and upload them onto the File Manager. The functions supports CTRL + A to select all files or by holding CTRL to then select multiple files.

Included in the Flash Upload function is an upload progress bar which is available to users on all server types.

Downloading multiple files and folders is now also possible with the addition of the "Save to Zip" function which allows you to compress multiple files to .zip prior to downloading.

No File Size Transfer Limits

Unlike other File Management systems, Online File Manager supports large file transfers and does not impose any form of data transfer limits. File transfers are only limited by bandwidth and the servers disk space.

Live Preview Files And Add Comments

Online File Manager has always supported the storage and distribution of every file type, but now it allows you to preview an incredible 124 of the most popular file formats live on your server. This allows you to quickly access and view your documents without the delay in saving each file to your desktop prior to viewing.

New is the option to add multiple notes or "Comments" to every file and folder. When you need to share and communicate your ideas quickly between users, in relation to documents uploaded this is the ideal tool.

Automatic Email Notification Options

Allowing the File Manager Administrator to receive an automated email containing the File name(s) and description(s) of all files upload by users.

It also allows you to automatically send a "Welcome" email to every new user you register in the Client Manager, confirming the individual account user login details.

Built In File Search Facility

Quickly locate important files or folders with the built in Search facility.

Search by either: Exact phrase, All the words, Any words, Perfect field match, Case Sensitive, File format.

Compress And Archive Files

Compress and Archive your files with the built in "Pack" feature which compresses multiple files and folders to .tar.gz format.

You can then extract these files using the "Un-Pack" feature.

Edit HTML Files With The Built In WYSIWYG Editor

Using Online File Manager's built in WYSIWYG HTML editor you can easily view and edit HTML files and make code adjustments.

Manage documents similar to Word. Bold, Italicize and change the color of your text. Create numbered and bulleted lists. Insert images, create tables, and link text. Easily and quickly create tables, and customize them the way you want! With several properties to choose from, set the border style, border width, cell padding, shading color, table width, and much more.

Easily Create Secure Multi-User Accounts

With Individual Account Privileges, Online File Manager comes as standard with Online Client Manager.

This powerful Client Management solution works with Online File Manager to allow you to easily manage all of your users from one central location.

Quickly create secure new user accounts and set individual account permissions.

Specify which functions are available to which users, adjust and monitor user disk space quota's and configure which file types users are permitted to upload.

Automatically send a customizable "Welcome Email" to every user account you create, providing important user login information.

Available In 10 Languages

Online File Manager utilizes external language packs to provide a multi-lingual interface in 10 languages.

Compatible With All Browsers

Online File Manager is cross-browser system and so is compatible with all browsers which have Javascript enabled.

Supports Secure SSL (HTTPS) Access

For added security Online File Manager is designed to run under the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with encryption keys of any length.

It also encrypts user account login details upon account creation and the Administrator username and passwords are hard coded into the script itself.

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