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Most cloud services such as Office 365 or Google Apps require you to verify ownership of your domain with a TXT DNS Record or alternatively an MX record and for additional services it is required to also add SRV records (especially for Office 365 services). We recently had to update this for a domain hosted with Easyspace and 123-Reg and a quick search around their control panels and further investigation proved that this is not possible within your account features. Their control panels only gives you access to create/delete A, MX or CName records ...
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As a business, your data is one of the most important aspects of your operation. Backups have long been the bane of many companies but if done correctly they can be used to restore critical user files, emails and PCs to entire servers and sites. Put simply, backing up data to the cloud means you're backing up data to a secure data centre via your Internet connection, instead of just to local system/server.

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Hosted server and desktop technology is an innovative new method for delivering systems to end users and businesses. Part of the ‘cloud computing’ concept, a hosted system looks and acts exactly like a traditional server/PC but, instead of residing locally, all software and data are securely housed in our state-of-the-art data centres. Hosted systems offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility and reduced management.

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Microsoft® Office 365 is a hugely powerful collection of programs and services for sending email, storing documents, and collaborating online. Office 365 is subscription-based, so you pay as you go.

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