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Penetration Testing

17 Mar
There are a variety of reasons for performing a penetration test. One of the main reasons is to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of reported vulnerabilities but they need an outside expert to officially report them so that management will approve the resources necessary to fix them. Having a second set of eyes check out a critical computer system is a good security practice. Testing a new system before it goes on-line is also a good idea. Another reason for a penetration test is to give the IT department at the target company a chance to respond to an attack. The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, and other recent security recommendations and regulations, require external security testing.

PEN Testing - #vulnerability checks

Want to secure your network?

Looking to tighten your security or beef up your defences against those malicious attackers in the outside world? The goal of the penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities in your networks or applications, and to clearly demonstrate the potential security impact, if exploited. We offer consultancy on your existing and potentially new infrastructure to see if it’s protected from the outset.

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